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Joanna Mcgouran
Assistant Professor, Chemistry


Joanna obtained a 1st class MChem Degree from the University of Oxford. Following this she completed her D.Phil. entitled "Probing sugar-plant-soil signaling" at the University of Oxford with Professor Ben Davis. Joanna then worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Benedikt Kessler in the Department of Medicine, where she created novel ubiquitin-based covalent capture probes and developed inhibitor screening assays. She returned to chemistry department at the University of Oxford in 2014 to work with Professor Tom Brown where her research focused on the study of DNA cross-link repair enzymes, developing assays to study their selectivity and for inhibitor screening. In 2016, Joanna moved to Trinity College Dublin to take up the position of Schuler Assistant Professor in Translational Organic Chemistry.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Expertise


Research in the laboratory focuses on the synthesis of new activity based probes for chemical biology and molecular physiology applications. Current research focuses on DNA damage repair and deubiquitinating enzymes (DUBs) as two key regulatory classes of enzyme. There is growing evidence for a pivotal role of deubiqtinating enzymes (DUBs) in pathologies including infection, autoimmunity, cancer and neurodegeneration. DNA damage repair enzymes play crucial roles in cell maintenance and response to cancer treatments. Techniques to make the probes range form protein expression and modification to right through to purely synthetic approaches. An activity based proteomics approach allows us to study these key enzymes in their native environment, examining how activity levels change with cellular state.


Biochemistry, Nucleic Acid; Cellular Biology; Epigenetics; Mass Spectrometry; Organic chemistry; Proteins, enzymology and protein engineering; Proteomes, proteomics



Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry 2015