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Mass Spectrometry


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  • MS, accurate mass
  • MS/MS, accurate mass
  • LC-MS, accurate mass
  • GC-MS, accurate mass (less than 1000 Da)
  • Non-covalent binding studies (possible)

School of Chemistry
Mass Spectrometry Unit
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2

Dr Gary Hessman
Tel.: +353 (0) 1 896 2768/3732
Fax: +353 (0) 1 671 2826

For general Mass-Spec enquiries you can contact: Mass-Spectrometry Unit

Submitting Samples

More information on Submitting samples and our instrumentation.


  • Three Micromass/Waters mass spectrometers equipped with Time-Of-Flight (TOF) analyser.

    Electrospray/APCI (accurate mass measurement).
    Electronic impact/Chemical ionisation(accurate mass measurement).
    MALDI/Electrospray sources (accurate mass, MS/MS measurements).

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Mass Spectrometers of TCD School of Chemistry

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MALDI-Q-ToF Premier

Maldi-Q-ToF Premier

GCT Premier

GCT Premier

LCT Classic

LCT Classic