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Current Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate research regulations

The School of Chemistry provides a list of regulations relevant to its current postgraduate research students.Useful information is also available from the Academic Registry. College guidelines concerning postgraduate supervision are circulated to all postgraduate students in Trinity College.

Postgraduate modules

All postgraduate students must have completed 15 ECTS of DubChem modules before they can be confirmed on the PhD register and a total of 30 ECTS must have been passed before submission of a PhD thesis. Students can, of course, take additional modules if they wish.

Up-to-date information on modules available can be found on the DubChem webpage.

Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning:

Prof. John Boland (, Ph. 01 896 3140)

Transfer/Confirmation Reports (transfer from M.Sc. to Ph.D. register/confirmation on Ph.D. register)

All postgraduate research students must submit a confirmation report in their second year of study. Two copies of the transfer report (30-35 pages) must be submitted to the School Office. There are two annual deadlines:

  • By 4pm on Friday 31 January 2020 for September-registered postgraduates
  • By 4pm on Friday 6 September 2019 for March-registered postgraduates

Confirmation Report Regulations (MS Word)

Confirmation Report Template (MS Word)

Thesis Submission

Guidelines for thesis submission (PDF)

Laboratory Demonstration

It is compulsory for all postgraduate students to take part in laboratory demonstration. Postgraduate students awarded 1252 Trinity Awards or School studentships are required to undertake a maximum of six hours per week of laboratory demonstration throughout their postgraduate studies. More information may be obtained from the School Office.

Demonstration claim forms can be obtained from the School Office.

Fee regulations

For more information regarding fees contact the Academic Registry


School of Chemistry Safety Officer:

Prof. Robert J. Baker(, 01 896 3501)

Information related to Health and Safety in the School can be found on the School's website at When ordering chemicals, a risk assessment sheet must be completed for each chemical and should accompany the order.

Working out-of-hours

Weekdays: 18.00 - 09.00
Weekends: all day
Rules: You MUST sign in and out when working out-of-hours.

Log books may be found at the entrance of the Old Chemistry Building and the reception desk in the SNIAM Building. A "buddy" system should be observed (i.e. never work alone in the laboratory).

Useful Technical Contact Information

Tecnical Area Name Telephone Email
Chief Technical Officer Ms Teresa McDonnell 896 1354
Stores Mr Fred Cowzer 896 1344
Glass Blower Mr John Kelly 896 3734
Mass Spectrometry Dr. Martin Feeney 896 3732
NMR Dr. John O'Brien 896 1050
X-Ray Diffraction Dr. Brendan Twamley 896 3463

CHN Analysis
UCD School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Microanalytical Laboratory
University College Dublin
Dublin 4
Ph. 7162287
Fax. 7162127



DubChem module registration form
DubChem change-of-mind form
Graduate student proposal/extension form
Graduate Student Scholarship Exemption Form
Transfer from the Masters to the PhD Register Form
Confirmation on the PhD register form
iExpenses set-up form (information on how to use iExpenses available at
Guidelines on nominating external examiner for PhD thesis/viva
Good Research Practice policy
Trinity Trust Travel Grant supporting document form - Find details.