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Policies from the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee in the School of Chemistry

The School of Chemistry is actively looking to develop and apply policies to improve the workplace environment for everyone at the school. During the Covid-19 pandemic we undertook at Covid-19 survey in May 2020 and a wider EDI survey in December 2020. In order to address some of the issues and concerns brought up by our students and staff in these surveys, a number of policies were developed and discussed at the EDI committee and then passed by the School Exec. These policies have been flagged to the School through the monthly (term time) EDI newsletter - which can be seen in the New section of the EDI site.

EDI-20-4 Committee Representation and Management

This policy aims to enhance participation and ensure all members of the School have a opportunity to contribute.
EDI-20-4 Committee representation and management

EDI-20-3 Hybrid Meeting Policy

This policy is intended to allow the continue use of remote contributions to meeting when members can not attend in person and is the results of the widespread use of remote meeting during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is intend to allow greater flexibility and provide a way to enhance participation.
EDI-20-3 Hybrid meetings

EDI-20-2 Meeting Hours Policy

This policy set out the reasoning for and definition of a core hours (10 am - 4 pm) when all meetings should be scheduled.
EDI-20-2 Meeting hours

EDI-20-1 Right to Disconnect Policy

This policy, which was particularly flagged by the Covid-19 survey sets out the requirement to respect each persons normal working hours and that there is not an expectation for people to respond (particularly to email) out of their normal working hours.
EDI-20-1 Right to disconnect