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Junior Sophister Chemical Sciences

Junior Sophister Coordinator: Prof. Mike Southern


  • Core Modules: 40 ECTS
  • Approved/Elective: 20 ECTS
  • Total: 60 ECTS

TR061 Sophister Booklet 2022/23 (PDF)

Junior Sophister TR061 - Chem/CMM/MedChem

40 ECTS Core

CHU33109 (Inorg Lab; 5 ECTS)

CHU33309 (PhysChem Lab; 5 ECTS)

CHU33209 (Org Lab; 5 ECTS)

CHU33409 (ACM Workshop; 5 ECTS)

CHU33405 (5 ECTS)

CHU33207 (5 ECTS)
Organic Chemistry

CHU33107 (5 ECTS)



CHU33303 (5 ECTS)
Physical Chemistry




20 ECTS Approved/Elective

Elective 1 (5 ECTS)


Elective 2 (5 ECTS)



Open Modules (5 ECTS each)



*Only available as an option for
the MedChem moderatorship


The module codes differ slightly from the format in 2017/18. As you will likely be looking at past exam papers, the relationship between new and old codes is shown in this Course Structure document.

Module descriptions and learning outcomes will be made available through Blackboard.

Calendar regulations and information

Academic Year Structure for 2021/22

Absence Forms: Med Cert/Self Cert

Trinity Elective (5 ECTS)