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Bioinorganic Chemistry

Prof. Aidan McDonald

Introduction to the natural roles metals play in biology
Lecture 1 Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry
Lecture 2 Spectroscopic Techniques in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Lecture 3 Photosynthesis - Photosystem II - manganese, iron, magnesium in biological water oxidation
Lecture 4 Dioxygen Transport - iron and copper, hemoglobin, myoglobin, hemerythrin, hemocyanin
Lecture 5 Dioxygen Activation – heme- and nonheme iron oxidase, and mono- and dicopper oxidases
Lecture 6 Electron Transfer - iron/sulfur clusters, ferrodoxins, cytochrome, aconitase, blue copper
Lecture 7 Hydrogenases - diiron, nickel/iron, mononuclear iron
Lecture 8 Nitrogen Fixation and Bioinorganic Organometallics – Nitrogenase, Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
Lecture 9 Metals and Reactive Oxygen Species – Catalase, Superoxide reductase and Dismutases, Metals in Alzheimer’s Disease
Lecture 10 Synthetic models in Bioinorganic Chemistry – synthesis and characterization provide insights in enzyme function
Tutorials Tutorials will be held after lectures 5 and 10


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