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Chemical Thermodynamics

Prof. Valeria Nicolosi


Introduction: The first law, internal energy, enthalpy, heat capacities, relationship between cp and cv, variation of enthalpy with temperature, expansion and compression of ideal gases. The second law, the Carnot cycle, entropy, the free energy functions, the Maxwell relations.

The Third Law: Definitions and basis for third law entropies, limiting values of cp and cv, entropies at temperatures other than 0 K, experimental verification of the Third Law, residual entropy.

The Chemical Potential and Equilibria: Heterogeneous equilibria, the Gibbs Phase Rule, the Clausius Clapeyron equation. Homogeneous chemical equilibria, the van't Hoff isochore.

Chemical Potentials in Ideal Solutions: Equilibrium between ideal solution and vapour, Henry's law, Raoult's law; equilibrium between ideal solution and solid, ideal solubilities, colligative properties.