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Prof. Joanna McGouran

Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

An overview of Aromatic Chemistry I (JF), focussing on EAS and the development of synthetic routes.

Phenol chemistry

Contrast between aliphatic and aromatic alcohols, acidity, ease of EAS on phenols and phenoxide anions, rearrangement mechanisms.

Aniline chemistry

Use and control of the EAS of anilines, diazotisation and SN1 (NAS) reactions, azo dyes.

Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution

Introduction to NAS, evidence for the different mechanisms of NAS and its use in synthesis.

Organometallic chemistry

Introduction to metallation reactions, directed metallation as a method of controlled synthesis, metal catalysed coupling reactions. Other important aromatic systems: Heterocyclic aromatics and their biological importance, bi- and polycyclic aromatic systems, quinones.

Tying it all together

Planning a synthesis and the order of events, some real world examples.

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