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Nanoscience, Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials (N-PCAM)

Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (N-PCAM) is a four-year degree programme, run jointly by the Schools of Chemistry and Physics at Trinity College Dublin. Students will gain a deep and lasting understanding of the science of advanced materials that underpins the nano revolution. Some laboratory training is provided in CRANN, the leading institute for nanoscience in Ireland ( Nanotechnology is being used to develop smaller and more powerful electronic devices, lasers, medical diagnostics and materials with completely new properties. This degree programme will equip students to work across a diverse range of industries that employ nanotechnology. The course provides a solid foundation in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for the first two years and specialises in nanoscience for the final two years.


In 2019/20, administration of the N-PCAM course is coordinated by the School of Phyics and they will update the dedicated nanoscience website at

The JS Handbook and SS Handbook for the School of Chemistry contain information that will be of use to you although they do not contain module details specifically for your course.

The module codes and content differ from the format used until 2017/18. As you will likely be looking at past exam papers, the relationship between new and old codes is shown in these course structure documents for Junior Sophister year and Senior Sophister year.

Module descriptions and learning outcomes for your chemistry modules will be made available through Blackboard.

Calendar regulations and information

Academic Year Structure for 2019/20