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The Electronic Theory of Chemistry

Prof. Bob Baker (8 lectures)

Atoms, Molecules, and Ions. Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table. The spectrum of atomic hydrogen. Wave properties of particles. The structures of many-electron atoms. Orbital energies. The building-up principle. A survey of periodic properties. Periodicity of physical properties.

The Chemical Bond. Ionic bonds. The formation of ionic bonds. Variable valence. Covalent bonds. The electron-pair bond. Lewis acids and bases. Lewis structures of polyatomic molecules. Bond parameters. Charge distribution in compounds. Assessing the charge distribution. Polarization. Ionic and atomic radii. Ionization energy and Electron Affinity. Electronegativity. Dipole moments Polar and non-polar molecules.

The Shapes of Molecules. Valence Shell Electron Repulsion theory. The arrangement of electron pairs. Polar molecules. The orbital model of bonding. Hybridization. Molecular orbitals. Bonding in Period 2 diatomic molecules. A perspective on chemical bonding.

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