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Q.      If I have a small group that will fit in the lab, can they be added to all Pods?

A.      Yes, but they should be especially careful that they don't mix with other groups as they could potentially spread infection through all Pods

Q.      What happens if I need to drop off samples in another building?

A.      Ideally, the number of people who have to travel between buildings should be kept to a minimum. Experimental Officers will arrange a twice-daily collection of samples from each building so that researchers do not need to go from one building to another.

Q.      Why can I only enter one building location when signing in?

A.      If you do have to leave a building, you should sign out of that building and sign in for the other building so that your location is known if there is an emergency

Q.      Can a Pod member come in on a non-Pod shift to use equipment?

A.      No, Pod members can only be on campus at their assigned times

Q.      Is it allowed to have just one person in a Pod?

A.      If there is only one person in a Pod, they should coordinate with a 'buddy' in the same Pod schedule in the same building and ensure that they keep in contact by phone/email

Q.     When can I access the Health and Safety Training?

A.      Details will be circulated by College's Safety Officer

Q.      As a PI/supervisor, can I drop in to the lab to check that all is in order?

A.      All non-lab-based work should be carried out off campus but it is permissible for a PI/supervisor to call in to make sure that their lab is operating as intended. Team meetings and meetings with group members should be carried out remotely using Teams or another video-conferencing product


Q.      Why am I expected to work a much longer day than before the Covid crisis?

A.      The working day has been extended to allow for two shifts in labs where there are far more researchers than spaces in a socially distanced setting. Most labs are opting to have the same group in for the full work day. It is not expected and, indeed, is actively discouraged for anybody to remain in College for any longer than it takes to carry out their experiment, which should be carefully planned in advance. If you have no experiment to carry out on any given day, do not go to the laboratory – this is not business as usual.


Q.     Why do we have to sign in and out manually as well as electronically?

A.      The Covid Committee considered this and agreed that electronic sign-in and out will be used exclusively. There is no need to sign in manually, which should further reduce any need for aggregation in foyers. If you are moving between buildings, sign out of one building and sign in to the other.


Q.     Where can we eat lunch if we have to remain in work for the day?

A. Most of the coffee shops around Trinity are open for business. A room will be assigned in each building for breaks but it must be booked using the local booking system. The maximum occupancy level set for the room must not be exceeded.
  • SNIAM Building – Conference Room on the ground floor
  • Chemistry Building – the Coffee Room on the first floor
  • TBSI – The Schüler Room

Q.      Who are the Covid-19 managers and what is their role?

A.      Covid-19 managers were going to be appointed to ensure that everyone in a particular pod left at the appointed time. Having considered the matter further, it was decided to trust those in labs to follow the rules put in place and not to enter the building outside of their allotted time(s). Instead, Manuel Ruether should be contacted if an issue arises or somebody becomes quite seriously ill while at work. If Manuel is unavailable, he will designate an alternative contact person.


Q.      What happens if I become so ill at work that I am unable to make my way home and have nobody who can collect me?

A.      Follow the procedure outlined in the plan and go to the Isolation Room in your building. If you do not need to be taken by ambulance to hospital, the School’s emergency contact person (Manuel or Gary Hessman)  should be contacted and they can arrange your safe transport home.


Q.     What is the procedure for getting distilled water or ice?

A.      You should email the technical staff (details to be provided) to arrange delivery


Q.     How will I know whether a system through a building is one-way or two-way?

A.      Arrows and social distancing signs have been placed on floors/walls to indicate the direction to go in each building. If there is a two-way system in place the rule is to walk on the right.

Q.     How will you determine that it's okay to move to Phase 2?

A.      The operation of Phase 1 will be monitored and a decision will be taken in the middle of the second week on whether to continue with the current numbers or whether it would be better to increase the numbers allowed to return to labs.


Q.     What does it mean in practice that the School will “be cognisant of the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of all, especially PhD students”?

A.      The School is aware that some staff/students will be in a vulnerable group or living with someone who is vulnerable and will not want to return to the work environment at this time. If you are in this position, you should discuss your concerns with your supervisor/line manager. It may be possible to arrange a leave of absence although this will likely have financial implications.


Q.     Being on the early shift will lead to students having accidents in the lab because of sleep deprivation

A.      The vast majority of labs are operating on a full-day schedule. This will provide researchers with a flexible start and end time. Once again, this is not a normal return to work and you should only be in the lab if you have an experiment to carry out AND if you have a lab buddy. No lone working is allowed.


Q.      How will we access MS and NMR data without using the office computers?

A.      If there is a computer in your lab, you can use that. If there isn’t then email the relevant contact person (Manuel, John, Brendan or Gary) and they will email the data to you.


Q.     Will there be ground-floor access to TILDA as we normally got someone to buzz us in?

A.      No, anyone entering the Chemistry Building must come through the main entrance and swipe their ID card to gain access. Depending on where you are in the building you will exit either through the main door (old Chemistry Building), the CHLLT (those in the NMR/MS area) or the TILDA exit (those in the extension).

Q.     Can PPE be double-bagged and put out in the normal waste?

A.     No. All PPE must be disposed of as hazardous waste