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Wolfgang Schmitt
Professor, Chemistry


1999: Diplom-Ingenieur (Chemistry), Technical University Darmstadt (Germany);

2002: PhD, Technical University Karlsruhe(Germany);

2003-2004: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Technical University Karlsruhe and at the Royal Institution of Great Britain (London);

2004-2005: ICYS Fellow, National Institute for Materials Science (Japan)

since Oct. 2005: Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sensharma Debobroto and Vaesen Sebastien and Healy Colm and Hartmann Jens and Kathalikkattil Amal Cherian and Wix Paul and Steuber Friedrich and Zhu Nianyong and Schmitt Wolfgang, CO2 Adsorption in SIFSIX†14†Cu†i: High Performance, Inflected Isotherms, and Water†Triggered Release via Reversible Structural Transformation, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, (19), 2018, p1993-1997 Journal Article, 2018 DOI TARA - Full Text

McCarney, E.P. and Hawes, C.S. and Kitchen, J.A. and Byrne, K. and Schmitt, W. and Gunnlaugsson, T., A Lanthanide luminescent cation exchange material derived from a flexible tricarboxylic acid 2,6-Bis(1,2,3-Triazol-4-yl)pyridine (btp) tecton, Inorganic Chemistry, 57, (7), 2018, p3920-3930 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Lynes Amy D, Hawes Chris S, Byrne Kevin, Schmitt Wolfgang, Gunnlaugsson Thorfinnur, Coordination chemistry of flexible benzene-1, 3, 5-tricarboxamide derived carboxylates; notable structural resilience and vaguely familiar packing motifs , Dalton Transactions , 47 , (15 ), 2018, p5259 - 5268 Journal Article, 2018 TARA - Full Text

Klein-Hitpaà , M. and Lynes, A.D. and Hawes, C.S. and Byrne, K. and Schmitt, W. and Gunnlaugsson, T., A Schiff-base cross-linked supramolecular polymer containing diiminophenol compartments and its interaction with copper(II) ions, Supramolecular Chemistry, 30, (2), 2018, p93-102 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Malik, S. and Ruddock, F.M. and Dowling, A.H. and Byrne, K. and Schmitt, W. and Khalakhan, I. and Nemoto, Y. and Guo, H. and Shrestha, L.K. and Ariga, K. and Hill, J.P., Graphene composites with dental and biomedical applicability, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 9, (1), 2018, p801-808 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Soriano-López J, Schmitt W, García-Melchor M , Computational Modelling of Water Oxidation Catalysts, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 7, 2018, p22-30 Journal Article, 2018 URL DOI

Lynes A.D, Hawes C.S, Ward E.N, Haffner B, Möbius M.E, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Pal R, Gunnlaugsson T, Benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide n-alkyl ester and carboxylic acid derivatives: tuneable structural, morphological and thermal properties, CrystEngComm, 19, (10), 2017, p1427 - 1438 Journal Article, 2017 DOI TARA - Full Text URL

Ako, A.M. and Hawes, C.S. and Twamley, B. and Schmitt, W., Facile adaptation of 1D Mn(ii) chain motifs to form 3D azo-pyridine-based coordination polymers, CrystEngComm, 19, (6), 2017, p994-1000 Journal Article, 2017 TARA - Full Text DOI

Shanmugaraju S, Dabadie C, Byrne K, Savyasachi A.J, Umadevi D, Schmitt W, Kitchen J.A, Gunnlaugsson T, A supramolecular Tröger's base derived coordination zinc polymer for fluorescent sensing of phenolic-nitroaromatic explosives in water, Chemical Science, 8, (2), 2017, p1535 - 1546 Journal Article, 2017 DOI URL

Marzec, B. and Zhang, L. and Zhu, N. and Schmitt, W., Bio-inspired synthetic approaches: From hierarchical, hybrid supramolecular assemblies to CaCO3-based microspheres, Dalton Transactions, 46, (19), 2017, p6456-6463 Journal Article, 2017 TARA - Full Text DOI

Chen, Y. and Zhou, J. and Vajda, F. and Maguire, P. and O'Connell, R. and Schmitt, W. and Li, Y. and Yan, Z. and Zhang, Y. and Zhang, H., Multi-metallic Hydrate Hollow Structures in Cobalt Hydrate Based Systems, Crystal Growth and Design, 17, (4), 2017, p1568-1573 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Healy, C. and Twamley, B. and Venkatesan, M. and Schmidt, S. and Gunnlaugsson, T. and Schmitt, W., Hetero-metallic, functionalizable polyoxomolybdate clusters: Via a "top-down" synthetic method, Chemical Communications, 53, (77), 2017, p10660-10663 Journal Article, 2017 DOI TARA - Full Text

Shanmugaraju, Sankarasekaran, Umadevi, Deivasigamani, Savyasachi, Aramballi J., Byrne, Kevin, Ruether, Manuel, Schmitt, Wolfgang, Watson, Graeme W., Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur, Reversible adsorption and storage of secondary explosives from water using a Troger's base-functionalised polymer, Journal of Materials Chemistry a, 5, (47), 2017, p25014-25024 Journal Article, 2017 DOI

Byrne, K. and Zubair, M. and Zhu, N. and Zhou, X.-P. and Fox, D.S. and Zhang, H. and Twamley, B. and Lennox, M.J. and DÃŒren, T. and Schmitt, W., Ultra-large supramolecular coordination cages composed of endohedral Archimedean and Platonic bodies, Nature Communications, 8, (15268), 2017 Journal Article, 2017 DOI TARA - Full Text

Shit S, Nandy M, Saha D, Zhang L, Schmitt W, Rizzoli C, Row T.N.G, Synthesis, crystal structure and fluorescence properties of two dinuclear zinc(II) complexes incorporating tridentate (NNO) Schiff bases, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 69, (16), 2016, p2403 - 2414 Journal Article, 2016 DOI URL

Hawes C.S, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Gunnlaugsson T, Flexible Porous Coordination Polymers from Divergent Photoluminescent 4-Oxo-1,8-naphthalimide Ligands, Inorganic Chemistry, 55, (21), 2016, p11570 - 11582 Journal Article, 2016 URL DOI

Zhang L, Chimamkpam T, Onet C.I, Zhu N, Clérac R, Schmitt W, Anion-directed supramolecular chemistry modulating the magnetic properties of nanoscopic Mn coordination clusters: From polynuclear high-spin complexes to SMMs, Dalton Transactions, 45, (44), 2016, p17705 - 17713 Journal Article, 2016 DOI URL TARA - Full Text

Chen, Yanhui, Zhou, Junfeng, Maguire, Pierce, O'Connell, Robert, Schmitt, Wolfgang, Li, Yonghe, Yan, Zhengguang, Zhang, Yuefei, Zhang, Hongzhou, Enhancing capacitance behaviour of CoOOH nanostructures using transition metal dopants by ambient oxidation, Scientific Reports, 6, 2016, p20704 Journal Article, 2016 TARA - Full Text DOI

Chimamkpam T.O, Clérac R, Mitcov D, Twamley B, Venkatesan M, Schmitt W, Structural variation in cation-assisted assembly of high-nuclearity Mn arsonate and phosphonate wheels, Dalton Transactions, 45, (4), 2016, p1349 - 1353 Journal Article, 2016 TARA - Full Text DOI URL

Zhu N, Sensharma D, Wix P, Lennox M.J, DÃ"ren T, Wong W.-Y, Schmitt W, Framework Isomerism: Highly Augmented Copper(II)-Paddlewheel-Based MOF with Unusual (3,4)-Net Topology, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, (13-14), 2016, p1939 - 1943 Journal Article, 2016 URL DOI TARA - Full Text

Lin J.-D, Onet C.I, Schmitt W, Photoluminescent lead(II) coordination polymers stabilised by bifunctional organoarsonate ligands, Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 16, (2), 2015, 024803- Journal Article, 2015 URL TARA - Full Text DOI

Tobin G, Comby S, Zhu N, Clérac R, Gunnlaugsson T, Schmitt W, Towards multifunctional lanthanide-based metal-organic frameworks, Chemical Communications, 51, (68), 2015, p13313 - 13316 Journal Article, 2015 URL TARA - Full Text DOI

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A. R. Patterson, W. Schmitt*, R. C. Evans*, Lighting-Up Two-Dimensional Lanthanide Phosphonates: Tunable Structure-Property Relationships towards Visible and Near-Infrared Emitters., Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118, 2014, p10291 - 10301 Journal Article, 2014 URL

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Mahimaidoss, M.B., Krasnikov, S.A., Reck, L., (...), Shvets, I.V., Schmitt, W., Homologous size-extension of hybrid vanadate capsules - Solid state structures, solution stability and surface deposition, Chemical Communications, 50, (18), 2014, 2265-2267 Journal Article, 2014 TARA - Full Text DOI

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Hawes C.S, Lynes A.D, Byrne K, Schmitt W, Ryan G, Mobius M.E, Gunnlaugsson T, A resilient and luminescent stimuli-responsive hydrogel from a heterotopic 1,8-naphthalimide-derived ligand, Chemical Communications, 53, (44), 2017, p5989 - 5992 Journal Article, 2017 TARA - Full Text URL

W. Schmitt, J. P. Hill, Structural studies on hybrid organic-inorganic coordination assemblies, Synchrotron User Report 2004, KEK, High Energy Facility, Japan, 2005 Journal Article, 2005

W. Schmitt, Organic-inorganic hybrid materials have a bright future, Melting Pot International Edition, 3, 2005, p7 - 8 Journal Article, 2005

W. Schmitt, J. P. Hill, Ligand-stabilized aluminium polycations, Synchrotron User Report 2004, KEK, High Energy Facility, Japan, 2005 Journal Article, 2005

Wolfgang Schmitt, Hydrolyse von Eisen(III)- und Aluminium(III)salzen in Aminocarbonsäure-stabilisierten, protischen Reaktionssystemen - Strukturen und Eigenschaften mehrkerniger molekularer Komplexe und vernetzter, supramolekularer Aggregate., 1st Ed., Goettingen, Cuvillier, 2002, 316 pp Book, 2002

Research Expertise


We are developing methodologies for engineering hybrid organic-inorganic coordination compounds. The concept of hybrid organic-inorganic materials presents a means for customizing physical and chemical properties by reducing the dimensionality and by influencing the devolution pattern of classical inorganic materials within organic matrices. This approach allows a combination of the superior properties of inorganic and organic materials. Our investigations include the synthesis, self-assembly and physicochemical characterization of coordination polymers, cluster compounds, biominerals and bioinorganic enzyme models. Key research areas under this purview include gas storage materials (e.g. for hydrogen), catalysis, separation science and magnetic materials. Furthermore, we use coordination polymers as templates for the synthesis of nanostructured materials by thermolysis, pyrolysis and intra-crystal polymerization resulting in organic-inorganic composites, pure inorganic or carbon-based materials.


Bio-Inorganic Chemistry; Carbon nanostructures; Cluster Compounds; Coordination polymers; Crystal engineering; Gas Storage Materials; Hetrogeneous catalysis; Hydro- and Solvothermal Synthesis; Inorganic Chemistry; Magneto chemistry; Materials Technology; Metallo Supramolecular chemistry; Nanochemistry; Nanostructures; Nanotechnology; New materials, supramolecular structures; Organic Chemistry; Supramolecular chemistry; Supramolecular coordination chemistry; Surface chemistry


Awards and Honours

Award of the "Fonds der Chemischen Industrie" 1991

Dr.-Anton-Keller-Prize of the University of Darmstadt (TU) 2000

ICYS Fellowship, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan 2004


German Chemical Society (GDCh)