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Aidan Mc Donald
Associate Prof in Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry


Aidan obtained a First Class Honours Degree and Gold medal in Chemistry from TCD in 2002. From 2003 to 2008 he performed Ph.D. research with Prof. Gerard van Koten at Utrecht University. From 2008 to 2012 he was a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Lawrence Que at the University of Minnesota. He was awarded an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2009. Aidan was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Inorganic Chemistry at TCD in 2012. In 2013 he was awarded a Marie-Curie Career Integration Grant, in late 2015 he was awarded an ERC starting grant, and in 2016 we has awarded a Royal Society/SFI University Research Fellowship.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Paolo Pirovano, Erik R. Farquhar, Marcel Swart, Aidan R. McDonald, Tuning the Reactivity of Terminal Nickel(III)"Oxygen Adducts for C"H Bond Activation, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, (43), 2016, p14362--14370 Journal Article, 2016 TARA - Full Text

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Chen, X., Mcdonald, A.R., Functionalization of Two-Dimensional Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides, Advanced Materials, 2016 Journal Article, 2016 TARA - Full Text

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Pirovano, P., Farquhar, E.R., Swart, M., Fitzpatrick, A.J., Morgan, G.G., McDonald, A.R., Characterization and reactivity of a terminal nickel(III)-oxygen adduct, Chemistry - A European Journal, 21, (9), 2015, p3785-3790 Journal Article, 2015 TARA - Full Text

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Hugo Nolan, Niall McEvoy, Maria O'Brien, Nina C. Berner, Chanyoung Yim, Toby Hallam, Aidan R. McDonald, Georg S. Duesberg, Molybdenum disulfide/pyrolytic carbon hybrid electrodes for scalable hydrogen evolution, Nanoscale, 6, 2014, p8185- Journal Article, 2014

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Pirovano, P., Magherusan, A.M., McGlynn, C., Ure, A., Lynes, A., McDonald, A.R., Erratum: Nucleophilic Reactivity of a Copper(II)-Superoxide Complex (Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2014) 53 (11991-12005) (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201311152)), Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 53, (45), 2014 Journal Article, 2014

Aidan R. McDonald, Lawrence Que, Jr., High-Valent Nonheme Iron-Oxo Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and Spectroscopy , Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2013, p414- Journal Article, 2013

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Aidan R. McDonald, Yisong Guo, Van V. Vu, Emile L. Bominaar, Eckard Münck, Lawrence Que, Jr., A Mononuclear Carboxylate-Rich Oxoiron(IV) Complex - A Structural and Functional Mimic of TauD 'J', Chemical Science, 2012, p1680- Journal Article, 2012

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Mas-Ballesté, R., McDonald, A.R., Reed, D., Usharani, D., Schyman, P., Milko, P., Shaik, S., Que Jr., L., Intramolecular gas-phase reactions of synthetic nonheme oxoiron(IV) ions: Proximity and spin-state reactivity rules, Chemistry - A European Journal, 18, (37), 2012, p11747-11760 Journal Article, 2012

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Aidan R. McDonald, Michael R. Bukowski, Erik R. Farquhar, Timothy A. Jackson, Kevin D. Koehntop, Mi-Sook Seo, Raymond De Hont, Audria Stubna, Jason A. Halfen, Eckard Münck, Wonwoo Nam, Lawrence Que, Jr., Sulfur Versus Iron Oxidation in an Iron-Thiolate Model Complex, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2010, p17118- Journal Article, 2010

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Research Expertise


Research in the Bioinspired Inorganic Chemistry Group revolves around model compounds and catalysts that mimic the roles metals play in Biology. Our goals are to: design novel catalysts; understand metalloproteins; develop treatments for adverse metalloprotein chemistry; and investigate the Chemistry of 2D nanomaterials.


Bioinorganic Chemistry; Catalysis; Inorganic Chemistry; Mechanisms of reactions



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