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Junior Sophister Medicinal Chemistry

Course Director: Prof. Mathias Senge

Absence Forms: Med Cert/Self Cert


Module CH3103 (10 ECTS) Inorganic Chemistry I: Organometallics & Coordination Chemistry

Inorganic reactions mechanism and homogenous catalysis
Transition metal compounds and complexes

Module CH3203 (10 ECTS) Organic Chemistry I: Synthetic Organic Chemistry I

Organometallic C-C couplings
Pericyclic reactions, FMO theory & stereoelectronic effects (15 h)
Physical organic chemistry

Module CH3403 (5 ECTS) Interdisciplinary Module I: Analytical Methods

Analytical chemistry (11 h)
Organic spectroscopy (11 h)
Structural methods in inorganic chemistry (11 h)

Semester 2

Module CH3204 (5 ECTS) Organic Chemistry II: Synthetic Organic Chemistry II

Heterocyclic chemistry (9 h)
Organoheteroatom chemistry (15 h)
FGI and retrosynthesis (9 h)

Module CH3304 (10 ECTS) Physical Chemistry II: Molecular Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Molecular thermodynamics & statistical mechanics (15 h)
Electrochemistry (9 h)
Kinetics (9 h)

Module CH3404 (5 ECTS) Interdisciplinary Module II: Biomaterials and Macromolecules

Bioorganic chemistry & natural products (11 h)
Bioinorganic chemistry (11 h)
Soft matter (11 h)

Module CH3441 (5 ECTS) Medicinal Chemistry I: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

Introduction to medicinal chemistry (15 h)
Anti-cancer treatments (7 h), antiviral and QSAR methods (9 h lectures and 5 h practical)

Module CH3446 (5 ECTS) Medicinal Chemistry II: Microbiology and Medicinal Chemistry

Antimicrobial agents (11 h)
Anti-infective agents (11h)
Antimalarial and industrial medicinal chemistry (by partial continuous assessment) (11 h)

Module CH3447 (5 ECTS) Medicinal Chemistry III: Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Protein structure, function, activity and regulation (15 h)
Receptors, drugs and the autonomic nervous system (9 h)
Steroids (9 h)

Module CH3480 - Practicals

This is a laboratory module broadening the student's knowledge of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. 5 ECTS of lab marks will be rolled in with the exam mark for modules CH3103, CH3203 and CH3304.