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Nanoscience, Physics & Chemistry of Advanced Materials (N-PCAM)

Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (N-PCAM) is a four-year degree programme, run jointly by the Schools of Chemistry and Physics at Trinity College Dublin. Students will gain a deep and lasting understanding of the science of advanced materials that underpins the nano revolution. Some laboratory training is provided in CRANN, the leading institute for nanoscience in Ireland ( Nanotechnology is being used to develop smaller and more powerful electronic devices, lasers, medical diagnostics and materials with completely new properties. This degree programme will equip students to work across a diverse range of industries that employ nanotechnology. The course provides a solid foundation in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for the first two years and specialises in nanoscience for the final two years.


In 2017/18, administration of the N-PCAM course is coordinated by the School of Phyics

Absence Forms: Med Cert/Self Cert

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