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Trinity College Dublin


High-valent oxidants. Transition metal oxidants are often implicated in biological and synthetic oxidative hydrocarbon activation. These oxidants are capable of activating the strongest of C–H bonds. In the search for powerful hydrocarbon oxidants we are probing the synthesis and reactivity of late transition metal-oxidants. We aim to understand the inherent properties of transition metal oxidants in order to optimise their reactivity.


Bioinorganic redox chemistry of superoxide. We explore the reaction between metal complexes and superoxide anion. We also synthesise metal-superoxide complexes and explore their reactivity properties. Ultimately, we try to verify the postulated reaction mechanisms of certain dioxygen-activating metalloenzymes.



Functionalisation of 2-D Nanomaterials.We investigate synthetic routes towards functionalised two-dimensional nanomaterials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides. These functionalised materials will have applications in photovoltaics and catalysis, amongst others.

Our research is funded by:

EU European Research Council Starting Grant

Royal Society/SFI University Research Fellowship

SFI research centre AMBER/CRANN

Irish Research Council postgraduate award


Funding opportunities: If you are interested in applying for external funding for a Ph.D. or PostDoc position in our group from the funding agencies below (or elsewhere) please contact Aidan.


Trinity Awards
Science Without Borders
Irish Research Council
Irish Cancer Society


Irish Research Council
Irish Cancer Society
Marie Curie
EMBO Fellowship
HFSP Fellowship