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Last updated:
March 06, 2007

Supervisor: Prof. Thorfinnur (Thorri) Gunnlaugsson

School of Chemistry
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2


+353-1-896 3459

Prof. Thorfinnur (Thorri) Gunnlaugsson

RSC Bob Hay Lectureship
Awarded 2006

Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry
Appointed 2004

Fellow of Trinity College Dublin

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
(Trinity College Dublin)

Kinerton Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry
(Trinity College Dublin)

Postdoctoral Fellow
(University of Durham,
with Prof. David Parker)

Ph.D. in Chemistry
(Queen's University Belfast,
with Prof. A. P. de Silva)

B.Sc. in Chemistry
(University of Iceland)

Thorfinnur (Thorri) Gunnlaugsson was born in Iceland, where he received his early education in his home town of Hafnarfjörður, before obtaining a B.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Iceland (UI). During his studies at UI he visited the laboratory of Professor A. P. de Silva at Queen’s University of Belfast (Northern Ireland), as a research summer student and became fascinated by the world of supramolecular photochemistry, under the magic supervision of 'A.P.'. After receiving a Ph.D. from Queen’s University in 1996, under A.P.’s direction, he joined the research group of Professor David Parker at University of Durham (England) as a postdoctoral fellow. Under the guidance of David the world of coordination chemistry and lanthanide luminescence was explored and the excitement continued! He was appointed as the Kinerton (IPSEN) Lecturer in Medicinal Organic Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, University of Dublin, Trinity College, in October 1998 and a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry in 2000. He was made a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2003. In October 2004 he was appointed as an Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the same department. His research interests are in the areas of supramolecular organic and inorganic chemistry and bio and medicinal chemistry, with emphasis on the recognition and targeting of biologically important ions and molecules.