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July 2011
Congratulations to Dr. Manuel Natali who is awarded a PhD in Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin (first graduate from group SG).

May 2011
Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Flavin on getting a job at Intel!

December 2010

Congratulations to Dr. Antonello Di Crescenzo who is awarded a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Chieti, Italy!

From left: Prof. Silvia Giordani, Dr. Antonello Di Crescenzo and Prof. Antonella Fontana

November 2010

Congratulations to Antoin Douglawi who is awarded a full tuition scholarship for the University of Southern California (USC) Keck School of Medicine!

October 2010

Prof. Giordani was an invited speaker at the 17th National Youth Orientation Day, organized by Confindustria, held in Naples on the 26th October 2010. The event was coordinated by Michele Mirabella, who entertained the public, composed mainly of 1,000 last year middle and high school students, with an interactive program. The event was followed in live streaming by over 40,000 people.

Prof. Giordani gave out the awards to the young researchers of the Solar Lab at the high school I.T.I.S. Giulio Natta in Bergamo, Italy on the 7th October 2010.

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Prof. Silvia Giordani with the students and Prof. Tiziano Pedruzzi of the SolarLab.

Prof. Giordani was a keynote speaker at BergamoScienza, a two weeks-long celebration of science in Bergamo, Italy, attended by over 100,000 visitors.
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Left: Prof. Silvia Giordani fielding questions from the audience during the round Table “Research in Italy and abroad”.   Right: Prof. Silvia Giordani explaining nanotechnology to the audience during "The third night of science" presented by Max Laudadio. (Photo courtesy: Associazione BergamoScienza)

September 2010

Congratulations to Lyn Markey and Elisa Del Canto who are awarded a Trinity Award and a School Award, respectively.

Welcome to Ilona Kopf who joins the SG group with a IRCSET-Intel EPS postdoctoral postfellowship.

Welcome also to Eoghan Delany and Fergus Poynton who join the SG group for their final year undergraduate research project.

August 2010

Congratulations to Stephanie who wins the prize for the Best Presentation Prize at the SURE poster competition.

Stephanie Moffitt (top) receiving the Best Presentation Prize for her poster at the SURE competition (bottom).

July 2010

Welcome to Antonello Di Crescenzo from University of Chieti (Italy) who visits the SG group for the next four months as part of a collaborative project.

June 2010

Welcome to Stephanie Moffitt from USB (St. Barbara, California) who joins SG group for her summer undergraduate research experience (SURE program).

October 2009

Lyn Markey and David Larkin join SG group. Welcome to both of you!

Manuel Natali is back from his 4-months collaborative project at the University of Miami. Welcome back!

September 2009

Congratulations to Laura and Stefano!

From the left: Lyn Markey, Jyotiranian Ota, Eoin Scanlan, Stefano Gherardi, Laura Soldi, Silvia Giordani, Elisa Del Canto, Dania Movia, David Larkin and Kevin Flavin.

August 2009

Dania Movia wins the best Material Science poster prize at the 33th Annual MSI Symposium (UCD, Dublin).

July 2009

Kevin Flavin is awarded with the re-integration grant of Marie Curie Fellowship.

Prof. Silvia Giordani is awarded with the Biogenous Ceramics Project Travel Award, Okayama University, Japan.

June 2009

Dania Movia is selected to represent the Organic and Medicinal section with a poster presentation at the 61st Irish Universities Chemistry Colloquium hosted by D.I.T (Dublin).

May 2009

Dr. Laura Soldi is awarded with an IRCSET Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Laura!!

January 2009

SG Group showcase photochromic molecules at the LIGHTWAVE opening in science Gallery (Dublin).

May 2008

Prof. Silvia Giordani is awarded with the first prize, 7th R.O.S.A. Award (Results Obtained Without Help), Canova Club, Roma (2008).

Prof. Silvia Giordani (left) receiving the 2008 Premio R.O.S.A. from Prof. Maria Teresa Scajola (left) and with Carla Fracci (right). (Photo: Estella Marcheggiano)

This is an annual award from successful women to successful women promoted by the Canova Club of Rome to recognise the professional activities of women in fields that are still dominated by men: economics, finance, management, entrepreneurship and science.  Prof. Giordani was one of five finalists for the award which she received at a ceremony in Tempio di Adriano in Rome on 22 May 2008.



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