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In the Media

Our work has featured in many high profile scientific journals, magazines, websites and blogs. Below is a list of some of the articles we've featured in.

5 February 2015
Irish Times, "Dublin-based scientists awarded European Research Council grants"

5 February 2015
Silicon Republic, "€300,000 in advanced research funding awarded to Irish-based scientists"

4 April 2014, "I Ricercatori ricevono Presidente di Giovane Premio del Ricercatore dell'Irlanda dalle Fondamenta Irlanda di Scienza"

28 March 2014
Áras an Uachtaráin, "Winners of the SFI President of Ireland Young Researchers Award"

11 March 2014
Silicon Republic, "Women Invent: 100 top women in science, technology, engineering and maths – Part 1"

20 September 2013
Silicon Republic, "ERC Grants €150k to Trinity nanoscientist Valeria Nicolosi for energy-storage R&D"

24 June 2013
The Irish Times, "Pencilling in progress in nanoscience"

21 June 2013
Science Review, 340, 1226419 (2013), "Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Layered Materials"

03 May 2013
Silicon Republic, "Think thin and flat for strong and energy-efficient materials"

06 Apr 2011
Nature Nanotechnology, News and Views, 6, 200-201 (2011), "Exfoliating the Inorganics".

09 Feb 2011
Rai Radio3 Scienza, live interview

07 Feb 2011
The Register, "Super-thin materials could POWER our WORLD"

04 Feb 2011
The New Scientist, "Green machine: nanoflakes make better batteries for electric cars"
BBC Radio Oxford, Live interview 4 February 2011

03 July 2011
American ABC, "Team makes nanosheets breakthrough"
The New York Times, "Scientists Make Nanosheets With High - Tech Potential"
SuperQuark, RAI TV, (audience: 3.5M spectators)
Reuters, "Scientists Make Nanosheets With High - Tech Potential"
Smart Planet, "Breakthrough in nanosheets: Better sensors, computers and batteries"
The Irish Times, "TCD Researcher not splitting hairs with new discovery"
Yahoo News, "Scientists Make Nanosheets With High - Tech Potential"
e! Science News, "New nanomaterials unlock new electronic and energy technologies"
Royal Society of Chemistry, "Exfoliating layered materials"
C & EN Chemical & Engineering News, "Peeling away nanosheets"
News Daily, "Scientists Make Nanosheets With High - Tech Potential"
Science Daily, "Atom-Thick Sheets Unlock Future Technologies"
Ieee Spectrum, Inside Technology, "Nanosheets of Layered Materials Are Not Just for Graphite Anymore"

13 May 2010
Physics Today, "Electron microscope IDs individual atoms"

08 Apr 2010
Nature Nanotechnology, Research Highlights, doi:10.1038/nnano.2010.74, "Electron Microscopy: Learning about atoms"

24 Mar 2010, "Z-contrast microscope first to resolve, identify individual light atoms"

28 Mar 2010
ScienceDaily, "Individual Light Atoms, Such as Carbon and Oxygen, Identified With New Microscope"

Nature Nanotechnology, Editorial, 3, 517, "Graphene 2.0"
Science, Editors' Choice, vol. 320, pp. 718-719, "Can SWNTs Swim Apart?"
Nature Nanotechnology, News and Views, 3, 528 - 529, "Graphene production: New solutions to a new problem"

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