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Junior Sophister Chemistry

Course Coordinator: Prof. Mike Southern

  • Core Modules: 40 ECTS
  • Practical Module (CH3080) :15 ECTS (these are broken into 5 ECTS blocks and added to marks for CH3103, CH3203 and CH3304)
  • Broad Curriculum or Optional Module: 5 ECTS
  • Total: 60 ECTS

Module CH3103 (10 ECTS) Inorganic Chemistry I

Organometallics & Coordination Chemistry
Organometallics (11 h)
Inorganic reactions mechanism and homogenous catalysis (11 h)
Transition Metal Compounds and Complexes (11 h)

Module CH3203 (10 ECTS) Organic Chemistry I

Synthetic Organic Chemistry I
Organometallic C-C couplings (9 h)
Pericyclic Reactions, FMO Theory & stereoelectronic effects (15 h)
Physical organic chemistry (9 h)

Module CH3303 (5 ECTS) Physical Chemistry I

Quantum Mechanical Concepts in Physical Chemistry
Quantum Mechanics (15 h)
Spectroscopy (9 h)
Group Theory (9 h)

Module CH3403 (5 ECTS) Interdisciplinary Module I

Analytical Methods
Analytical Chemistry (11 h)
Organic Spectroscopy (11 h)
Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (11 h)

Module CH3104 (5 ECTS) Inorganic Chemistry II

Solid State Materials
Inorganic polymers (11 h)
Structural Inorganic Chemistry (7 h)
Characterisation Techniques of Solid State Materials (9 h)
Surface Science (6 h)

Module CH3204 (5 ECTS) Organic Chemistry II

Synthetic Organic Chemistry II
Heterocyclic Chemistry (9 h)
Organoheteroatom Chemistry (15 h)
FGI and Retrosynthesis (9 h)

Module CH3304 (10 ECTS) Physical Chemistry II

Molecular Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Molecular Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (15 h)
Electrochemistry (9 h)
Kinetics (9 h)

Module CH3404 (5 ECTS) Interdisciplinary Module II

Biomaterials and Macromolecules
Bioorganic Chemistry & Natural Products (11 h)
Bioinorganic chemistry (11 h)
Soft Matter (11 h)

Module CH3080 Practicals

This is a laboratory module broadening the student's knowledge of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

Optional Modules

Module CH3441 (5 ECTS) Medicinal Chemistry I

Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry (15 h)
Antiviral, Anticancer Chemistry and QSAR Methods (18 h)


Module CH3601 (5 ECTS) Computational Chemistry I

Numerical Methods - Optimisation
Introduction to Static and Dynamic Atomistic Simulation
Computational Molecular Quantum Chemistry


Module CH3602 (5 ECTS) Quantitative Methods for Chemists

Course Title
Unix / Linux

Material for this module is assessed during the year (no end-of-year examination).


Broad Curriculum (5 ECTS)

Chemistry 's Sponsors

This course is funded by the Irish government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013 and aided
by the European Social Fund (ESF) under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013.

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