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The computational chemistry group has access a range of facilities from the local School cluster to those provide by the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing to National facilties through ICHEC to and International facilties such as Hector (through collaboration with the UK Materials Chemistry consortium) and Mott2 (a collaborative project) and a variety or EU supercomputers through the HPC-Europa project.

Local Facilities

The computational chemistry group runs with the assistance of TCHPC a small cluster. This is composed of 18 nodes (each with dual 2.5 GHz Quad core Intel Xeon, 32 GB ram, and 2 x 750 GB SATA disk in a raid 0 configuration) linked (dual rail) to two 24 port Infini-band swithces allowing parallel executaiton across multiple nodes. We have in addition to this 4 single socket quad core machines.

Trinity Based Facilties

The Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing is Irelands premier academic high performance computing centre and runs a number of large clusters and supports research which utlises high performance computing, storage and visualisation. See for more detalis.

National resources

We make use of the national facilities provide by ICHEC through the national coordinated HEA program eINIS.

International Facilties

We have a number of international collaborations which give us access to international facilities through the UK Materials Chemistry Consortium, the Mott group and HPC Europa.

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Last updated: Apr 14 2012
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