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The research in the ASIN group is focused on the synthesis and post-growth modification of nanomaterials, particularly 2D materials such as transition metal dichalcogenides. The growth is primarily achieved using chemical vapour deposition and related vapour-phase methods. There is a strong focus on the processing of these materials in a scalable and industry-relevant manner. Following optimised synthesis and intensive characterisation of the nanomaterials we grow "in house", the suitability of said materials for an array of applications, particularly in (opto)electronics, sensing and energy applications, is assessed both in AMBER & The School of Chemistry and also with our network of collaborators.



Group Photo July 2018: Back (L to R) Dr. Graeme Cunningham, John McManus, Conor Cullen, James Lardner, Loris Griveau, Nolwenn Yvergniaux, Dr. Cormac Ó Coileáin; Front (L to R) Katie O'Neill, Lisanne Peters, James Mac Cárthaigh, Dr. Niall McEvoy, Bastien Balsamo, Dr. Daniela Angione