Research - Facilities

The following facilities are available within the ASIN group, for further information please contact Dr. McEvoy (mcevoyni at


Central CRANN Facilities: AFM, Raman, Clean Room

Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (AML): SEM, TEM, FIB, HIM



Witec Alpha 300R - Scanning Raman tool with AFM and Rayshield Coupler:







SF-100 XTREME - Maskless Photolithography Tool:







Bruker Multimode 8 AFM:







Ackbar - Sulfurisation Furnace for TMD Growth:







Selenium Falcon - Selenisation Furnace for TMD Growth:







Gero LPCVD Furnace:







Carbolite LPCVD/Annealing Furnace:







Custom Built Rapid CVD Furnace (with remote plasma source):







Suss Needle Prober PM 6:







Janis Vacuum Probe Station:







Gatan Precision Etching and Coating System (PECS):