Astrid Botte


M.Sc. 2012

Università degli Studi di Chieti - Italy


Research Exchange Program 2010

Nazareth College - Rochester, NY


Life Learning Program 2013

University of Portsmouth - UK

phone: +353-1-896 (4229)

Astrid Botte

Astrid’s research interests focus on organocatalytic asymmetric reactions involving enolisable cyclic anhydrides.

'The first catalytic asymmetric cycloadditions of imines with an enolisable anhydride'

S. A. Cronin, A. Gutiérrez Collar, S. Gundala, C. Cornaggia, E. Torrente, F. Manoni, A. Botte, B. Twamley and S. J. Connon* Org. Biomol. Chem201614, 6955.