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Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Postdoctoral Researcher


Dr Iftikhar Ahmad received his PhD in 2013 under the supervision of Prof Yurii Gunko at School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. During PhD his main work was physical synthesis/exfoliation nanomaterial (e.g. graphene, CNT). His work was also focused on development of carbon based nanomaterial for application in dye sensitized solar cell. After completing his PhD, Dr Iftikhar worked as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Prof J. N. Coleman research group at school of physics, until July 2015. Where his worked on liquid phase exfoliation of various 2D nanomaterial e.g. MoS2, BN, Graphene etc. During his stay in the group he worked on enhancing electrical conductivity of thin films (2D nanomaterials films) this was involved optimisation of nanomaterial for such application. From August 2015 he joined Prof Valeria Nicolosi research group, his current research interest is preparation of various 2D nanomaterials composite films and to enhance their electrical/thermal conductivity. His work also involved mechanical property studies of these films.





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