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Anuj S. Pokle

Postgraduate Student


I received my BSc and MSc degrees from Goa University (India) and started working as a service engineer in the field of electron microscopy for 3 years. I was based in multiple locations including National Chemical Lab in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai followed by Delhi until I decided to pursue my PhD overseas.

There are newly emerging semiconducting analogues of graphene i.e. electronic circuits based on two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). My core work includes structure-property correlation for such semiconducting materials, with particular emphasis on high-end electron microscopy characterisation.

Is it time to change the name of the Silicon Valley? hmmmmmm not quite yet! :)


EELS probing of lithium based 2-D battery compounds processed by liquid phase exfoliation.
A. Pokle, J. Coelho, E. Macguire, C. Downing, P. Casey, S. Park, C. McGuinness, V. Nicolosi
Nano Energy 30, (2016), 18–26


School of Physics and CRANN
LinkedIn: Anuj's LinkedIn

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