Safety Quiz


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1. Which of the following is suitable for extinguishing a small fire involving an alkali metal?
2. What are the five most serious hazards in the photo below?

3. What is the meaning of the following symbol?

4. ... and what is the meaning of the following symbol?

5. The NFPA diamond is designed to give general hazard information for chemicals. Match the meanings with each of the colours:

6. The emergency services phone number from within college is:
7. In preparing a risk assessment, the MSDS for any given chemical can be obtained from which of the following?
8. Risk assessments must be reviewed (and revised as needed):
9. A synthetic research group have a reaction for which the only suitable solvents are benzene and toluene. They only intend to run the reaction once. Which of the following is the correct choice of solvent, for the right reason?
10. The fire assembly point for the Cocker Lab is: