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Nuclear and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Prof. Yurii Gun'ko


Nuclear Chemistry: Radioactive elements; isotopes and radioactive isotopes; types of radioactive decay; rate of decay; occurrence of radioactive isotopes - natural and man-made; elements without any stable isotopes; nuclear fission. Uses of isotopes in chemistry, biology and medicine, radio-labelling. ~2 lectures

Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry: I) Introduction to quintessentially toxic elements: bio-availability; biomethylation; chelate effect and chelation therapy; thallium, mercury, cadmium and lead poisoning - symptoms and treatment. ~2 lectures

II) Therapeutic use of quintessentially toxic elements: survey of well-known remedies; metal mediated antibiotic action; anti-bacterial metal complexes (Hg!); arthritis treatment; radio-nuclides; Nitric oxide. Anti-cancer drugs: cis-platin, discovery and mode of action; DNA interaction; resistance and 2nd and 3rd generation Pt drugs. ~2 lectures