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The College Scholarship Examinations are held in January in the week before Semester 2 begins. The benefits of Scholarship are considerable: prestige, free rooms and Commons for up to five years.

Scholarship examination in Chemistry

There will be two two-hour examinations for chemistry in the Scholarship examinations. Material covered in JF year and in Semester 1 of SF year will be examined. Both papers will have four questions and candidates will have to answer three of these. In the case of both papers the final mark will incorporate a contribution of 25% from the Semester 1 SF laboratory marks, i.e. Final mark (for each paper) = 75% contribution from the paper and 25% contribution from the laboratory.

The questions examine the students' ability to problem-solve and demonstrate skills in synthesising and integrating knowledge across the Freshman chemistry material.
Students must exhibit the ability to apply knowledge and informed critical thinking in all three disciplines of chemistry.

The School of Chemistry will assist you with your preparation and offers special tutorials for Scholarship candidates at 9.00 on Monday Weeks 12-16 and 16.00 on Friday weeks 10 and 12-16 in the Chemistry Science Lecture Theatre (CHSCLT). If you obtained a good mark in the JF examinations, you are strongly encouraged to attempt the Scholarship Examinations.

For further information please contact Prof. Eoin M. Scanlan at

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