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Senior Freshman Chemistry

Course Coordinator: Prof. Paula Colavita

Broad Curriculum | Scholarship


Senior Freshman Chemistry comprises two modules: CH2201 (10 ECTS) and CH2202 (10 ECTS) both of which consist of core Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry topics at an intermediate level. These modules further develop the material covered in the Junior Freshman year and will serve as a useful basis for further detailed study in the Sophister years.

Tuition will consist of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The practical element of the modules will include the preparation and analysis of a variety of inorganic compounds, studies on synthetic organic chemistry, and set experiments/exercises in physical chemistry and molecular modelling that complement the lectures.

Students will also engage in a team-based activity, known as Broad Curriculum, that will involve research, preparation and delivery of a PowerPoint presentation on some aspect of everyday chemistry.

Students must have taken CH1101, CH1102 and either MA1S11/MA1S12, Mathematics for Scientists or MA1M01, Mathematical Methods during the Junior Freshman year.

Module CH2201

Course Title Lecturer Number of Lectures (h)
Molecular Orbital Theory Prof. Sylvia Draper 6
Coordination Chemistry Prof. Sylvia Draper 9
Thermodynamics Prof. Valeria Nicolosi 8
Kinetics Prof. Mike Lyons 5
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Prof. Eoin Scanlan 14

Module CH2202

Course Title Lecturer Number of Lectures (h)
Nuclear and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Prof. Yurii Gun'ko 7
Theoretical and Quantum Chemistry Prof. Dónall Mac Dónaill 9
Inorganic Environment Prof. Peter Dunne 6
Organic Spectroscopy Prof. Mike Southern 5
Aromatics Prof. Mike Southern 9
Introduction to Molecular Modelling Prof. Graeme Watson 6

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This course is funded by the Irish government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013 and aided by the European Social Fund (ESF) under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013.

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