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Chemistry of the Elements

Prof. Bob Baker (7 lectures) and Prof. Aidan McDonald (7 lectures)

Hydrogen and the s-Block Elements. Some important hydrogen compounds. Group I: the alkali metals. Group II: the alkaline earth metals. Some important Group II compounds.

The p-Block Elements; Group III: boron and aluminium. Group III oxides. Other important Group III compounds. Group IV: carbon and silicon. Group IV oxides. Other important Group IV compounds. Group V: nitrogen and phosphorus. Hydrogen and halogen compounds of Group V elements. Group V oxides and oxoacids.

Group VI: oxygen and sulfur. Some important compounds of sulfur. Group VII: the halogens. Halides. Halogen oxides and oxoacids. Group VIII: the noble gases. Compounds of the noble gases.

The d-Block Elements. Important properties of d-block elements and their compounds. Trends in physical properties. Reactions of d-block complexes.

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