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Text Books

Kotz, Treichel, Weaver 'Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity -6th edition'

Inorganic and Physical Chemistry:

  • M. S. Silberberg 'Chemistry The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change'
  • Silberberg Book Website
  • L. Jones and P. Atkins, 'Chemistry, Molecules, Matter and Change'
  • P. Atkins and L. Jones, 'Chemical Principles, The Quest for Insight'
  • T. L. Brown, H. E. LeMay and B. E. Bursten 'Chemistry The Central Science'
  • C. E. Housecroft and A. G. Sharpe 'Inorganic Chemistry'
  • R.Chang, 'Chemistry'
  • P. W. Atkins, 'Elements of Physical Chemistry'
  • P. Tebbutt, 'Basic Mathematics for chemists'

Organic Chemistry:

Beginner books:

  • R. Atkins and F.A. Carey, 'Organic Chemistry a Brief Course'
  • J. McMurry, 'Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry - 5th Edition'
  • W. H. Brown, 'Introduction to Organic Chemistry'

Books suitable for JF and SF:

  • F.A. Carey, 'Organic Chemistry'
  • K.P.C. Vollhardt and N. E. Schore 'Organic Chemistry'
  • J. McMurry 'Organic Chemistry'
  • T. W. G. Solomons 'Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry'
  • S. Ege 'Organic Chemistry'
  • W. H. Brown and C. S. Foote 'Organic Chemistry'
  • D. W. Mayo 'Microscale techniques for the organic laboratory'
  • James W. Zubrick 'The organic chem lab survival manual'

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