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Junior Freshman Chemistry

Junior Freshman Chemistry for:

  • Science
  • Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials
  • Chemistry with Molecular Modelling
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Human Genetics
  • Earth Sciences (CH1101 only)

Course Coordinator: Dr. Noelle Scully

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General Description

Chemistry is a fundamental science that influences other sciences and is dominant in modern life. If a material is needed, chemists can make it, be it polythene for a washing bowl, the detergent to put in it, the different silicon-based materials for contact lenses or computer chips or the liquid crystals used in electronic displays. A knowledge of chemistry lies behind the production of the fertilisers that assist the growth of the food we need, as well as the drugs and antiseptics that have transformed medicine. Behind these obvious contributions to our daily lives, there is a substantial body of chemical ideas. These ideas contribute greatly to many other areas of science, perhaps most obviously to our understanding of the DNA structure. The interplay of chemical and physical ideas has produced the new Science of Materials, and the tools of the analytical chemist are vital to the Environmental Scientist.

It is the chemical ideas, and the techniques chemists have developed to make these ideas work, that are taught in the lectures and practical classes in the School of Chemistry. The first-year modules provide a basic minimal package that will allow the student to move into and progress in other areas. A thorough understanding of many other sciences will benefit greatly by also taking the second-year modules in chemistry. At this stage, the student will have learned something of how chemists think, how they plan the transformation of one substance into another through chemical reactions, how they analyse the products and the sorts of physical and chemical measurements that they make to gather useful data about compounds.

JF Chemistry modules provide a general introduction to the fundamentals of modern chemistry, and form the basis for further studies, both in chemistry and in other sciences. In the Junior Freshman year, there are two modules, CH1101, General and Physical Chemistry (10 ECTS), and CH1102, Introduction to Systematic Inorganic and Organic Chemistry (10 ECTS).

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Module CH1101

Course Title Lecturer Number of Lectures
General Chemistry Prof. Carl Poree 8
Introduction to Physical Chemistry Prof. Paula Colavita 26
The Electron Theory of Chemistry Prof. Bob Baker 8
Practicals Dr. Noelle Scully
BC Basic Tutorials

Module CH1102

Course Title Lecturer Number of Lectures
Chemistry of the Elements Prof. Bob Baker 14
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Prof. Stephen Connon 28
Practicals Dr. Noelle Scully
BC Basic Tutorials

Sponsors Chemistry

This course is funded by the Irish government under the National Development Plan 2007-2013 and aided by the European Social Fund (ESF) under the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013.

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