20-09-18 New paper out in Nanoscale led by HyunJeong Kim, who visited Trinity College Dublin from Korea University, Seoul. The deposition of gate dielectrics on 2D materials can be very challenging. In this paper perylene bismide derivatives, synthesised by the Hirsch group in Erlangen, are used as seeding layers for atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on CVD-grown MoS2. This allows for the fabrication of encapsulated, top-gated FETs which show impressive performance.

04-08-18 New paper out in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices led by Prof. James Hwang and his group in Lehigh University. The paper looks at exploiting the unique electrical properties of PtSe2 whereby thick PtSe2 is used in the contact region (for low contact resistance) and thin PtSe2 is used in the channel region (for good gate control).

30-05-18 Publications list updated, including some exciting new PtSe2 ones, check it out here.

18-01-18 I'm very happy to be involved in a new paper led by John Gough of the Bradley Photonics Group, School of Physics, TCD. The paper, published in Advanced Functional Materials, investigates the effect of MoS2 film properties on the performance of QD-sensitised MoS2 devices.

08-01-18 A nice start with 2018 with co-author papers with some of my favourite colaborators. First up, a paper in npj 2D Materials and Applications led by Prof. Claudia Backes of the University of Heidelberg focused on the production of gold-decorated WS2 nanosheets. Also out today, a study led by Dr. John Zhang, of the Nicolosi group TCD, on the production of supercapacitors by stamping of viscous aqueous solutions of MXene inks, published in Advanced Functional Materials.

10-08-17 New paper in PSS(b) detailing Raman spectroscopy of suspended CVD-grown MoS2

09-08-17 Branching out to new nanomaterials: Links to some recent publications, led by the Nicolosi group, that I've been involved in on MXenes, Gallium Chalcogenides, Vanadium Oxide and Lithium Titanate.

29-06-17 WITec Gold Paper award for our recent Scientific Reports paper on low-frequency Raman spectroscopy of TMDs



I am a materials scientist with >12 years' experience in the synthesis and characterisation of various nanomaterials. My current research focuses on the synthesis of different 2D nanomaterials, including graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), by chemical vapour deposition (CVD), a scalable and industry-compatible method. The use of these materials as active components for an array of different applications is currently being assessed. Additionally, I have extensive experience in the use of Raman spectroscopy for the characterisation of nanomaterials produced by both CVD and liquid-phase exfoliation.

I am currently funded by an SFI Starting Investigator Reseach Grant (SIRG) and am hosted in AMBER and the School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin.

I have a strong interdisciplinary background combining physics, chemistry and materials science. Following the awarding of a gold medal in materials science in 2005, I joined Prof Werner Blau's Molecular Electronics group where I was awarded a PhD in physics in 2011. My PhD research focused on the growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and other nanocarbon forms. I then joined Prof. Georg Duesberg's research team where I worked on a number of applications-focused industrial collaborations. I led TCD's activities in the EU project ElectroGraph, which investigated the use of graphene in commercial supercapacitors. In 2015 I was awarded an independent SFI TIDA grant to develop TMD materials for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). In 2016 I was awarded an SFI SIRG grant to optimise the synthesis of 2D material heterostacks.


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