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The research group combines top-down structuring techniques with the in-situ synthesis of novel functional nano-structures. The creation of such hybrid structures is aimed at the fabrication of new adaptive devices based on the bottom up growth of nanomaterials with unique functionality. Using the hybrid approach the precession and scaling capabilities of silicon structuring technology can be maintained.



Group Photo March 2015: Left to Right: Dr. Kangho Lee, Dr. Hugo Nolan, Dr. Hye-Young Kim, Chris Murray (Intel RIR), Riley Gatensby, Dr. Sinéad Winters, Prof. Georg Duesberg, Dr. Nina Berner, Maria O'Brien, Dr. Toby Hallam, Dr. Eshan Rezvani, Dr. Niall McEvoy, Dr. Christian Wirtz, Kim Dümbgen, Dr. Chanyoung Yim