Present members:
Paul Duffy Ronan Cullen Dr. Laura Soldi Jayce Cheng
email: email: email: Summer Student
tel: 4230 tel: 4230 (start Aug09) tel: 4230

Prof. James Lunney (Physics)
Dr. Silvia Giordani (Chemistry)
Dr. Eoin Scanlan (Chemistry)
Dr. Susan Quinn (Chemistry)
Dr. Kevin Metz (Albion College, Michigan USA)

Group pictures:
We moved into our new lab!!!
These are some of the pictures taken on that glorious day....
Ronan, Paul and our guest Dr. Doorley Doing fine chemistry Laura unpacking boxes
No food or drink ever again, just for today Christening the new lab Teresa, Dr. Lyons and Paul
Thank you all for joining us! Susan and Gerard Dr. Scanlan and a few saccharides