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CH2201 Chemical Thermodynamics


This foundation course in classical chemical thermodynamics addresses the First, Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics, as well as the interrelationships between the state functions that govern the direction and extent of physical and chemical changes. This topic provides the basis for understanding many of the empirical physical laws of phase equilibria introduced in the Junior Freshman year.

The concept of the chemical potential in ideal systems is used to develop the van't Hoff and Clausius-Clapeyron equations, as well as the temperature dependence of phase equilibria, which explain phenomena such as solubility and the full range of colligative properties of solutions.


  • G. J. Price: Thermodynamics of Chemical Processes (Oxford Chemistry primers No. 56, Oxford University Press, 1998).
  • P. W. Atkins: The Elements of Physical Chemistry (Oxford University Press)
  • P. W. Atkins: Physical Chemistry (Oxford University Press) - Any Edition

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