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Daire Tyndall

Postgraduate Student


My research involves synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials for applications in energy storage devices, with the long term goal of functionalising such materials to be compatible as inks in the 3D-printing of such devices by way of additive manufacturing.

In 2016, I received a B.A. in Nanoscience: Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from Trinity College Dublin. As an undergraduate student I spent three months with this group developing the synthesis of Ti3C2 MXene colloids for applications in thin-film sprayed electrodes, before later joining the group as a PhD student. My current work is based on TiO2 with in situ electrochemical testing in Li-ion and Na-ion cells. I also work closely with the advanced microscopy branch of the group to characterize the materials using mainly TEM and SEM.




School of Chemistry & CRANN

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