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Chris Hobbs

Postgraduate Student


The aim of my PhD is to characterize two-dimensional nanomaterials incorporated into bioengineered samples using the techniques of electron microscopy.

As part of a collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, my current research is based in the area of SEM, TEM and HIM to characterize the physical and chemical patterning of nanomaterials incorporated into bioengineered samples. These high-end electron microscopy techniques provide a step to understanding the efficacy of bio-systems and drug-delivery mechanisms at the atomic scale.

I received a B.A. in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 before joining the Nicolosi group as a PhD student.

β€œIt is very easy to answer many of these fundamental biological questions; you just look at the thing! β€œ – Richard Feynman, 1959


School of Physics and CRANN

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